Nokia – Qualcomm fight slows down 3G progress



While Nokia is fighting tooth and nail for GSM rights, they’re admitting more legally unfettered technologies might have time to make progress while Nokia and Qualcomm’s 3G efforts are stunted. In response to a recent competition among manufacturers to produce 3G handhelds in the $100 price range, which was won by LG, Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer Tero Ojanpera said:

“3G is not about cheap price but about new capabilities, … It’s not the first priority to have a cheap phone.”

That’s an especially interesting statement considering their movement in India. If Nokia is setting budget products and 3G as mutually exclusive, then it looks like India’s going to be stuck with second-rate (but accessible) service for some time, that is, unless, someone can step in to fill that higher-end niche.