Balsillie to buy hockey team

RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie will be making an announcement today to buy the Nashville Predators for a cool $220 million from previous owner Craig Leipold. For anyone who’s confused, you have to keep in mind that Jim is A) an athlete, B) a Canadian, and C) a billionnaire. If you put these three things together, of course the guy’s going to want to buy a hockey team. We’re really hoping he brings the team up to Kitchener-Waterloo (or at least Balsillie’s native Hamilton), which seems a likely move considering his deal to buy the Pittsburg Penguins fell through because he couldn’t move the team.

Did you know that NBC cut off the last game in the Eastern Conference because the overtime cut into horse racing? I guess that’s hockey’s competition in the U.S. Whatever, we’ll buy up your teams if you won’t give them air time.

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