BBCool Twitter update

Thanks to the miracle of Twitterfeed, BlackBerry Cool’s RSS feed now results in Twitter updates! We set up the service initially for WES, but figured it would be worth sticking with. For those not in the know, Twitter is a lightweight, web and mobile-based update service. Add your friends and get short, periodic messages about what they’re up to.

Also in the works is some MyBlogLog support once the new set-up has steadied, which will allow you to see who else is reading BBCool, and what other blogs they’re into. Tack onto that our recently-made Facebook group which is rapidly closing in on the hundred member mark after one short week, we’ve got a whole lot of metablog action going down. If you’ve got any ideas for other networks that BlackBerry Cool should be a part of, feel free to shoot me a line (simon at blackberrycool).

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