BlackBerry Cool Hands-On Impressions of the Rogers BlackBerry 8300


Well, lookee lookee at what we’ve found. With the official announcement dropping today, all sorts are coming out of the woodworks to give us the straight goods on the BlackBerry 8300 — and it seems like they’ve been waiting for awhile. Here’s what was sent to us from “RogersDude69″ (yes, they actually asked to be called that, ed.).


The first thing that must be said about the BlackBerry Curve is how small it feels compared to the photos that been floating around the Internet. The 8300 is as tall and as thin as the BlackBerry Pearl, and only marginally wider. It’s for this reason that I think they named it the 8300/Curve: because of its proximity to the 8100/Pearl. It basically seems to be an improved version of the Pearl, with a 2.0 Mpx camera (versus the Pearl’s 1.3 Mpx) , 3.5 mm headphone jack (non-standard 2.5 mm jack) and a full QWERTY keypad (versus the Pearl’s much despised SureType). The best thing about it is the fact that you can still text with one hand like the Pearl, only now it’s full QWERTY!




Actually, so far, the keypad is one of my most favorite things on the BlackBerry Curve. The keys are not spongy like the Pearl’s or side-by-side like the BlackBerry 8800’s — they remind me of smaller versions of the 8700’s keypad: hard to the touch, but very responsive when texting.



So far it looks like it’s the perfect middle ground between what Pearl users love about their device and an improvement upon what non-Pearl users hated. I’m going to send you more about feature upgrades as soon as I can. Peace out.

15 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool Hands-On Impressions of the Rogers BlackBerry 8300”

  1. 1 Sam(Canada)

    How did you get a picture of the product all ready and how much will it be going for?

  2. 2 Donald G

    Are they going to make the Curve with Wi-Fi?
    What phone is the best World Edition or Curve?
    ATT-Cingular or Verizon?

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