BlackBerry Cool Partners with Virtual Reach for BlackBerry Cool To Go

Big news today, folks. BlackBerry Cool and Virtual Reach have officially partnered to bring you a new way to get news via your BlackBerry. Using their Viigo platform, Virtual Reach have created a BlackBerry Cool catered app to bring all the latest BlackBerry goodness right to your sweaty palms. The Viigo platform offers an optimized browsing arena to view RSS news feeds. BlackBerry Cool To Go comes with a set of feeds hand-picked by BBCool HQ to give you your tech/BlackBerry fix, but also offers the ability to add your own (necessary for getting up to date sports news - Go Raptors!).

You can go here to download the app, or if you’re reading this via your BlackBerry, you can go to:

BlackBerry Cool will also be working closely with Virtual Reach to offer special dedicated feeds next week for WES 2007. Stay tuned for more information on that this Friday.

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5 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool Partners with Virtual Reach for BlackBerry Cool To Go”

  1. 1 Andy

    This is very cool, thanks!

  2. 2 Keith

    I have been using Viigo, formerly Newsclip, for over a year now. It’s a great product. I’m not too fond of browser based news aggregators. I like to read stuff offline. Additionally, I like the speed of Newsclip. Big thumbs up.

  3. 3 Frank


  4. 4 Krad

    downloading now… digging the v icon.

  5. 5 rivviepop

    wow, I’d like the thank y’all for doing this; this is an *awesome* RSS reader, I’m finding the UI very pleasant to use, adding my custom feeds is painless, and reading RSS is very nice (fonts, images, etc.). This is a seriously cool and useful freebie you’ve given us! :)

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