Introducing… The BlackBerry Curve (Updated)

That’s right, it looks as though the Pearl will no longer be RIM’s only consumer branded device. The merry men over at the Boy Genius Report have revealed that RIM’s recently purchased domain now redirects to, indicating that will be the new name for the device.

The BG crew is also predicting we’ll see an official announcement about the device at WES. As always, BBCool will be there to give you the straight goods. Until then, post a comment and tell us what you think about the name; the staff here remains largely undecided.

Update: BG is giving his stamp of confirmation that the Curve will be announced at WES next week, and most likely coming to AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers in May. Whew! Also, RIM has stopped the redirect from to Oh those crazy kids in Waterloo: always one step ahead of the game!

1 Response to “Introducing… The BlackBerry Curve (Updated)”

  1. 1 Patrick

    You know, in the end, does it really matter what they call the thing? I really don’t believe that anyone is going to try a Berry based on the name alone. They could call it the Blackberry Steaming Pile of Dung and all of us addicts would buy the device and call it the Blackberry SPD and be happy. I don’t think some non-Berry user would hear Blackberry Curve or Pearl and say to themselves, “Ooh, I am buying that phone because that name rocks!”

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