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BlackBerry Pearl drops in Jordan


Flag of JordanAlthough it’s mostly been Curve releases as of late, any BlackBerrys breaking into untouched countries is good to know about. Jordan now has access to the BlackBerry 8100 via Fastlink, the country’s first wireless carrier. BlackBerry’s first inroads with Fastlink began back in February with the release of the 8700, after which the devices were very quick to catch on. As a result, Fastlink won RIM’s Award of Excellence back at the 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona for their rapid and efficient deployment. Business opportunities are starting to pick up over there, resulting in the demand for the handhelds – with any luck, the trend will continue and Fastlink will be able to carry more than two devices.

CONFIRMED: AT&T Curve released!


BlackBerry CurveHah, we’ve heard that one before. The Boy Genius is sticking to his original assertion that AT&T is going to be trying to get be the BlackBerry 8300 out the door before the end of the month. Obviously we don’t question the legitimacy of BGR’s sources – if the Curve doesn’t come out tomorrow, then it’s more likely due to an internal inability to meet targets rather than a single unreliable snitch.

UPDATE! It’s a-coming, boys and girls! May 31st. is the confirmed date for AT&T’s Curve release, and will be costing you $199 with a two-year plan and mail-in rebate. The Genius wins!

UPDATE 2! The hour has arrived! Anyone able to report from the front lines on the unruly mobs haranguing clueless AT&T reps for their devices?

BGR’s leaked press notes compared to released ones behind the jump.

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CC:Jim Balsillie (FMC gives Microsoft the upper hand)


IcarusHave you ever thought that maybe fixed-mobile convergence might bring unwanted competition competition to RIM’s doorstep? Sure, Windows is relatively new to the mobile technology market, but they own the static arena. The more BlackBerry moves towards full-blown office interoperability with Icaran enthusiasm, the more likely it’s going to find the vengeful sun that is Microsoft.

But don’t take my word for it, check out this recently-released report from BRC.

“RIM and Symbian have attracted millions of business users through personal information managers and email, but without middleware solutions they will lose them to Microsoft,” said Jeff Ace, one of the report’s authors … The report maintained that to counter this challenge and stop more revenue share going to Microsoft, RIM will need a comprehensive toolset for accessing corporate middleware and Symbian should move to a device-independent development platform to attract innovative developers.

Vodafone sucks less


Taking it all the way to the bank It’s not exactly the same as doing well, but it’s a start. European carrier Vodafone cut their net losses attributed to equity shareholders today to £5.43 billion, versus last year’s £21.92 billion during the same time last year. They’re claiming the cuts are attributable to growth in Turkey and Africa, further emphasizing the importance of emerging markets. Vodafone’s total revenues are up 6% to £31.1 billion, and predict £33.3 to £34.1 billion for the next year. One of the bigger draws to Vodafone stock has been their dividends, which are up to 6.76p.

“There are few stocks in the FTSE 100 (apart from BT) which offer such attractive dividend growth coupled with a high yield,” [Seymour Pierce analyst Jim McCafferty] said, maintaining an outperform rating on the stock.

Vodafone isn’t the only carrier shelling out the pennies. Rogers is doing pretty awesome on the dividend front too, nailing the 50 cent annual dividend mark today, compared to 16 cents last year.

WiMAX grows 85% in 2007


WiMAX technology graphicWith hands-on evidence of Wi-Fi powered BlackBerrys just now appearing, it might be a little hasty to be talking about WiMAX. However, recent reports from research firm Maravedis indicate that maybe we’re not too crazy. Maravedis states that increased global deployments of WiMAX has lead to an 85% spike in subscribers and a corresponding growth in service revenue.

For those of you not in the know, WiMAX is a 4Gish technology based upon the IEEE 802.16 standard, which should might take over the mobile world in the near future. Call us dreamers, but the BBCool staff simply drools over the thought of WiMAX BlackBerrys in two years time (or less).

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MedShare released for BlackBerry, saves RNs headaches


MedShare is now supporting BlackBerry functionality, allowing home care professionals to cut down on paperwork time by up to 10%. That might not seem like much, but anything the reduces the headaches of folks in health care is A-O-K in my books. MedShare really makes BlackBerry seem as the ideal choice as a platform for this kind of work.

“We’ve hit a critical mass,” [Barry Billings, president of MedShare] says. “We have electronic health records available through MedShare, wireless access through the BlackBerry platform, and society needing better health care access. Those three elements are combining to prompt the sector to re-invent how it delivers health care, and MedShare is the answer.”

Normally, I let boring BlackBerry software releases that involve paper-shuffling slip by, but when the person shuffling that paper is a medical professional trying to keep track of my grandmother’s innumerable ailments, I’ll stop to take pause. For any doctors in the house, more information can be found here.