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BlackBerry Developer Community unveiled


binary.jpgA new website dedicated to fostering BlackBerry software development has just opened up – The BlackBerry Developer Community. No need to get fancy with the name, eh guys? They’ve got forums, guides, sample code, all sorts of good stuff. They’re entering all active posters on their forums for a Curve raffle, which is pretty sweet. BBDC is also using some mysterious points system. You get user points for posting – what these points translate into is anybody’s guess. If you’re into the programming end of things, go check it out.

Wi-Fi on BlackBerry – 8820 sooner than you thought?



So, some of us are looking forward to the BlackBerry Curve, and others the World Edition 8830, and maybe even to a new Pearl, but I bet rumblings of an 8820 model months ago had taken a backseat to all of that. Well, Engadget’s got their grubby mitts on the upcoming BlackBerry, which is, in short, 8800 + Wi-Fi. A small upgrade, but a huge one at the same time. Folks have been clamoring for for this for some time now.

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Curve available in Austria


There were hints that the Curve was made available in Austria shortly after the German release, but it has been confirmed by BBCool reader Tom that T-Mobile is now carrying the BlackBerry 8300. It’s been great tracking Curve releases abroad, and we continue to invite readers to let us know when the Curve hits your particular corner of the globe.

Canada prepares for AWS auction


Maxime Bernier, Canada’s Industry Minister, has called for consultation from the national wireless industry in order to set the groundwork for an upcoming auction for 105 MHz worth of frequencies within the 2GHz range, which includes Advanced Wireless Services.

“Our role is to help foster a healthy and competitive telecommunications market that encourages and rewards innovation, and from which consumers will benefit the most. I invite all interested parties to make their views known,” said Minister Bernier.

Results from the consultation will be published in February, and promises to help improve Canada’s international competitiveness, and, I daresay, alleviate skyrocketing data rates.

RIM cuddles up to camera manufacturer


RIM’s continuing its land grab, now developing some 37 acres of property locally in Waterloo in conjunction with digital imaging and semiconductor producer, DALSA. RIM will be purchasing the land from DALSA, but it looks like this relationship could extend beyond a single transaction.

“RIM…plans to use [the land] for future expansion. DALSA, which owns about 19 adjacent acres, said it has similar plans in the future.”

That being said, it’s not a huge stretch to guess where RIM is going to be getting their Curve and Pearl cameras from.

BlackBerry 8830 available on Verizon


After a bit of waiting, Verizon now has the World Edition available to the masses for $199.99 with a two-year plan. Now the big question is, will anyone buy it with the Curve coming so soon? On the other hand, maybe having both coming out at the same time will attack both business and prosumer markets simultaneously, in a dirty little pincer maneuver.