Text-to-voice strikes with karmic vengeance

What with all the voice-to-text talk yesterday, it only makes good karmic sense that we get some text-to-voice news today. Simply enough, the recently-announced Voice on the Go application adds a boatload of voice-based functions to your BlackBerry.

“Voice on the Go allows BlackBerry users to conveniently listen to their email, as well as use their voice to reply, forward, compose and delete emails and access timely information, such as traffic, stock quotes and news. Subscribers can also listen to and add appointments, search contacts by name or company and place calls by voice.”

This is a perfect example of keeping voice and data utility close together. If Voice on the Go is combined with SimulScribe or SpinVox, the line between the two formats is completely blurred. Of course the quality of transcription or dictation is still questionable, but with a foundation set, it’s just a matter of improving established technology.

Something like this really opens up BlackBerry as a viable product to the visually impaired, which would otherwise be a pretty closed market. Hey, RIM… Braille keypad?

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