Weekly Contest: The Best of WES

tinywes.jpg Between GPS, text-voice, fixed-mobile convergence, and busting into the consumer market, BlackBerry’s got a lot on its plate. No doubt many our faithful readers were right there on the WES floor, and more still watching from the sidelines.

There’s a lot of different bases that will need to be covered by developers as new device features open up more and more possibilities. That’s where you guys, BBCoolers worldwide, come in: what’s the biggest thing to have come out of WES this year? Take “big” whichever way you want… maybe it’s a new marketing strategy, maybe it’s a new corporate paradigm, maybe it’s a new product, maybe it will make big bucks, maybe it will increase efficiency, maybe it will solve world hunger and make the world join hands. Whoever can nail down what the “big it” was at WES (while keeping their mind out of the gutter) will win one free game, ringtone and theme from Bplay.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER is Amy, for finding the marriage of business and pleasure in the Curve. All the entries were really great, and offered a lot of helpful perspectives on the new gadget. Amy, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at info@blackberrycool.com, and we’ll get you set up with your 3 ringtones and Texas Hold’em from Bplay. Everyone else, hope to hear from you again this week!

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  1. 1 Jibi

    I think the biggest thing to come out of WES was, without a doubt, Doug’s head after speaking to Mike Lazaridis followed by Jim Balsillie in the same day. Honestly, I had a hard time walking down the hallway or sitting in the press room with you. :)

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