Courtesy phone, paging Dr. Jim

My friend Kate just went down to Trent University a few days ago for her convocation. Lo and behold she would be getting a degree alongside Jim Balsillie. He’s actually from the area, Peterborough, so it makes good sense that he’s getting an honourary doctorate in law from his hometown university. I guess after so many litigations, you’d learn a thing or two about the legal system. Addressing the graduates, Jim had some pretty impressive words to say about brainpower.

“You have been given the most powerful parallel processor ever,” Balsillie said, “and that is your deeper brain.” Students will have many choices in life, Balsillie said, but their most fundamental choice is whether or not to trust their brain or ignore it. With trust comes confidence and a feeling of invulnerability, he said. But not trusting your brain brings feelings of anger, arrogance, greed and pain, he said. “When you’re in this state whatever you achieve in life is not because of this pain, but in spite of it,” Balsillie said. By listening to your brain, Balsillie said, you’ll find obviousness in the most complex of problems.

Wow. He sounds like a doctor to me.

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