Balsillie’s hockey team to set up in Hamilton?

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Looks like my dream of the Waterloo Blackberries is sufficiently crushed. Our plucky doctor/hockey tycoon/philanthropist/mobile multibillionnaire Jim Balsillie is looking for a place to put his new hockey team. Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum has the lease ready to go as soon as the NHL gives the green light to move the team, which will only happen once the sale actually goes through, presumably sometime by the end of June. There’s still some debate as to whether the team will move, however. NHL comissioner Gary Bettman said:

“I met with Mr. Balsillie last week … and I specifically asked him whether or not he had specific plans or intentions with respect to moving the franchise, and he told me he did not,” Mr. Bettman said on the eve of the Stanley Cup final between the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks. “And so I think there’s been entirely too much speculation in terms of what comes next.”

Oh crap, he’s talking about us, isn’t he? We’ll shut up now.

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