iPhone releases on June 29th.

For those of you with excessively deep pockets and not getting a BlackBerry 8300, the iPhone’s set to land on June 29th. While the argument’s been made that the two products are targeting different markets, I can’t help but wonder how much the Curve’s earlier release will bite into iPhone sales. Sure, the diehard fans will hold out for the iPhone, but any casual consumer in the market for a next generation smartphone could easily see the 8300 and think “Hmm, it’s out now and it’s a few hundred bucks cheaper. Sold.” Of course, AT&T is getting your money one way or another.

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  1. 1 Robb (RIMarkable)

    You know, I am not so sure that the release of the Curve will hurt iPhone sales at all. Fact is, as usual with Cingular AT&T, the Curve, even though released, is not readily available yet. Consumers that happen to get a Curve because it was out will probably be within their return period if they truly want an iPhone.

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