BIS 2.3 released for Rogers, AT&T

RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3 should be working its way into the carriers by now. Boy Genius has confirmed our hints, and included a list of patch notes. BGR was covering AT&T, and I just spent a good half hour on the phone with Rogers support just so they could tell me, “yup, you got 2.3″. Most of the new stuff requires v.4.2 of BlackBerry OS. The Yahoo! and Gmail enhancements both happened, and top the list of new features.

Another cheeky upgrade is Delivery Status Notification - now you can find out if your colleague actually hasn’t gotten that e-mail yet, or if he’s just ignoring you. We’ve also got a slew of new file-viewing options “including JPEG, BMP, TIFF, RTF, Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint®, Corel WordPerfect and Adobe PDF”. PowerPoint and PDFs will be set up in a handy slideshow format. Attachment size upped to 3 megs, and voicemail attachments up to 500kb can be played back. Lots of new language support, and some mysterious “wireless meeting requests” options. Anyone tried this out yet? Finally, you can upload vCards to your device and set them up in your contact list no problem. Pretty juicy upgrade, on the whole, eh?

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