Report: Fixed-mobile convergence depends on standardisation


FMCInforma Telecoms & Media is citing the distinct lack of global standards for the fixed-mobile market are the biggest hurdle companies have to overcome in order to tap into the expanding business.

Uncertainty remains on the technological evolution toward converged networks, [Senior Analyst Paul Merry] concludes. IMS was lauded as the solution that would provide fully standardised convergent capabilities but the timescale and cost of implementation has caused increasing concern within the operator fraternity. Interim solutions have been suggested such as UMA and latterly femtocell’s which solve the problems of a lack of dual-mode handsets, but such solutions do not provide the type of rich IP-orientated service envisaged by FMC. … “Developing FMC to its full potential will be a sizeable challenge requiring financial and intellectual investment as well as a discarding of vested interests” Merry concludes. “Convergence is the purest form of standardisation and requires that all parties submit to the common aim, he adds”.

ITM’s report also suggests that we’ll be seeing 120 million converged devices by 2012. The majority of those are supposedly going to be in the hands of consumers, which butts heads with a previous study that predicted 82 million of FMC devices will be in corporate hands by 2011. When it comes to numbers, these forecasts have to be taken with a grain of salt.