Rogers BlackBerry 8300 pricing rumours, dames faint in shock


RogersA little birdie by the name of Erratik has slipped me some info on the BlackBerry 8300’s pricing on Rogers, and it’s pretty brutal, but fair game for Canadian prices. We’re going to be looking at $349 with data and voice, $399 with 3 year voice activation only, or $499 for a 3-year contract with only data activated. You might be used to thinking, “hey, it’s Canadian funny money, it’s actually way cheaper than that”, but that’s not the case lately. AT&T’s carrying theirs for $199 at the cheapest, and here we are up north a solid hundred-fifty bucks higher and we’re locked in for an extra year? Screw that noise. Given, it falls in line with other high-end BlackBerry prices for Canadian carriers, it’s still a lot to dish out. The Curve should be popping up over here in the next week or two, so we’ll keep y’all posted on if these prices are for real.