DoCoMo to carry language support on BlackBerry, Japanese still hate the damn thing


JapanHere we go, this is the kind of Pacific push I’m talking about. DoCoMo’s announced that they’re going to be pre-loading the BlackBerry 8707h sometime this summer with Japanese language support. BIS 2.3 featured Japanese as one of the freshly-embedded languages, and on top of that, BES and the desktop manager will be getting the oriental treatment.

With this move, RIM is diving head-first into a market that has yet to show much interest in BlackBerry. This has been in the works since at least October, but really should have been included from the get-go. Japanese character input seems like a pretty basic, no-brainer way of doing business in Japan, don’t you think? Coming out of the gates without language support seriously hurt BlackBerry’s initial release – hopefully its reputation hasn’t been too tarnished over there.