Miner 2049er released, bearded prospectors hoot and holler


Miner 2049er Miner 2049er is old-school. Like, Mario Bros. 1, old-school. We’re talking the blocky, chunkily-pixelated platformers that involved jumping over stuff, onto stuff, and climbing stuff. If that’s all way before your time (it is mine, that’s for sure), take a look over here for some history on the game, and a peek behind the scenes. The nice thing about games like this is that they never stop being fun, so Magmic gave it a makeover and ported it onto mobiles, including BlackBerry.

They’ll be including the pure 80s version along with the remake. The game just got released last night, and there’s already a review on Kotaku and IGN. Magmic offered us a copy to take a look at, and, never one to pass up playing video games for work, I graciously accepted. $7.95 for some gold-rush action on the go. Stay tuned for a review!