“Unlimited” data from Verizon gets knocked again

VerizonNot that we weren’t unimpressed enough with the “unlimited” label Verizon slaps on its 5 GB data plan, but it looks like now it’s actually a 4 GB plan. And what happens if you go over?

Anyone caught using more than 4 GB of data in a single month will be presumed to be using the service in an unapproved manner, like running a server, or streaming vast amounts of video and audio content. If you get flagged, you could be subject to a variety of different penalties, including massive overage charges and/or termination of your service.

Sounds kinda like Rogers. Let’s see if Sprint pulls the same kind of stunt.

4 Responses to ““Unlimited” data from Verizon gets knocked again”

  1. 1 aviationwiz

    Ah, overage charges on an Unlimited plan. Great.

  2. 2 TheKettleBlack-berry

    Oh how wonderful our tech world can be to us !

  3. 3 jackthehat
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