Treo’s disfigured grandson, Gandolf, let out of the attic to watch the franchise die


Palm Gandolf Like Palm needed another ugly device to seal its coffin with. Really, it’s not that great of a time for them to be doing any more gambling than they already have with the Faileo. Outside of no touchscreen, which is a significant departure from Palm’s usual standards, we’ve got a few speculative details of the “Gandolf”.

The model runs Palm OS Garnet and will debut on Sprint later this year for around $200. Its likely specs include, EVDO (rev. A), Integrated camera, Bluetooth and a Micro SD expansion slot.

Is this really going to be Palm’s new image? Some HTC Excalibur knock-off that hit every branch on the way down the fugly tree? If so, the Treo 800w is going the last hoo-rah at a recognizable image, but also shows that Palm is eschewing the PDA end of things in favour of smartphone development. The shots show the Gandolf Vodafone branded and running Windows Mobile Standard for now, but we’ll see what changes are made to this crime against good taste before it’s released.