CDMA Motorola Q9h (”Nelson”) coming

Motorola Q9hThose crazy cats at the Morning Paper, who also broke news on the Palm Gandolf, are now bringing word of a CDMA Motorola Q9h, which has only recently been seen on the GSM side of the fence. Dubbed the Motorola “Nelson” (which should ring bells to anyone who knew the Q9h as “Norman”), the device should be rocking WM6, 2.0 Mpx camera, miniSD expansion, Bluetooh, EV-DO and “ultra thin” stylings.

Sprint’s rumored as the featured carrier, but nothing is as yet confirmed (does anything ever get confirmed anymore?). All we know is that our boy the BG is raving over the Q9h, so we’ll keep tabs on this BlackBerry competitor.

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Motorola Q9h Coming Soon : Tech Review Canada
June 13th, 2007 at 1:33 am

[…] The CDMA (Telus/Bell here in Canada) Motorola Q9h will be arriving very soon, for those interested in a BlackBerry alternative on the non-Rogers carriers. […]

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