BlackBerry cross-platforming it up


GlideGlide, a cross-platform free Flash-based web operating system, will be including BlackBerry compatability, alongside Windows, Mac, Linux, Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian for their new calendar, address book and a chat client applications now available with version 2.0 of their software. All of the new functions will be able to sync up data as needed between your device and Glide.

This is the first I’ve seen of Glide, and it looks pretty impressive; it’s taking Google’s approach to free web-based utilities just one step further, and adding in some social integration for spice. Their focus on privacy seems to be a bit of a jab at Google’s recent troubles on that front, and certainly acknowledges them as competitors.

BBCool HQ is actually on the lookout for some contact management stuff across different platforms, so keep an eye out for a review to see how Glide fares.