Wafer cameras are especially scrumptious for mobiles

Just when you thought DALSA might be doing some business with RIM, Tessera Technologies comes up with some pretty teeny cameras. Now that the Curve’s out, and the Pearl 2 en route, camera technology is of prime interest to RIM, and anything that saves as much room as Tessera’s OptiML WLC chip will raise a few eyebrows. On top of sheer size, manufacturing costs are cut significantly as well.

Using OptiML WLC technology, thousands of lenses are manufactured simultaneously on a wafer, and then bonded at the wafer level to create the optical element of the camera. The result is simplified assembly and up to 30% cost savings for the optical component of the camera module. OptiML WLC technology also reduces the size of the camera to a minimum, delivering up to 50% size reductions over conventional camera modules in camera phones today.

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