Weekly Contest Winners – Tumbwalking?


ThumblingSorry we didn’t get a contest up last Friday folks, BBCool is in the midst of a server switch. If you’ve been experiencing interruptions on the site this morning, that’s why. Should be fine now. We had a lot of entries for last week’s contest, which was attempting to come up with a snappy catch-phrase for walking while using your BlackBerry. For your viewing pleasure, the consolidated results:

BlackBleary – “I was totaly BlackBleary, and walked right into a cop! Beat my high score in Ka-Glom though.”
RIMbulate (a cross between RIM and ambulate) – “to walk from place to place while using a RIM device”
I was walking BerryBlindly into people.
People start acting Berryfied when they get on their handhelds.
I was in black mode while waiting in line.
My BlackBerry turns me into a BlankBerry.
BlackBerry Strut
Phoning Out
Blackberry Zone
“I was scrollin’ down the street….”

I’m partial to “BlackBleary”, but for the sake of giving the prize to someone who can use it, I think “thumbling” takes the cake. Congrats, George Kazaklis! We’ll be contacting you soon to get you a copy of Miner 2049er from Magmic. Great entries, and see you all this Friday for our regularly-scheduled contest. Happy thumbling!