3G advances via GSM frequencies


Radio towerA recent study by Ovum is suggesting that 300 million people across Africa, Asia and Europe could be getting in on wireless broadband by 2012 with some investment in the 900 MHz and 2100 MHz bands. The main pull would be cost effectiveness, but consistent international standards could slow down progress.

“National governments need to coordinate their spectrum policies to enable the widespread rollout of HSPA in the 900MHz band,” said Tom Phillips, Chief Government and Regulatory Affairs Officer of the GSMA. “Such coordination would make HSPA at 900MHz a cost-effective way to provide valuable broadband services to the many people untouched by the high-speed Internet revolution that has swept through the developed world.”

900 MHz is a pretty high-traffic right now, so some heavy restructuring would be necessary in order to make 3G work without interfering with existing GSM signals.