RIM Conference Call: Live Blog

BalsillieAfter the numbers released by RIM today, BBCool is hyped for the RIM investors conference call. On the line today we have Jim Balsillie, RIM’s Co-CEO and Edel Ebbs, VP of Investor Relations. It’s about to start now, hold on folks!

5:03 - Looks like they’re doing call prep — outlining the focus of the conference call, and laying out all the legal mumbo jumbo to cover their ass. Enough with this, bring on the Jim Dog!

5:05 – Nice, Balsillie! Jim Dog’s mentioning the stock split and the successful launch of the Curve, 8800 and 8830. Jim’s also expecting RIM to ship their 20M BB this summer. These are pretty huge numbers for our plucky little company from Waterloo.

5:07 – Verizon saw a doubling in new enterprise subscribers based upon the 8830. Wow, I guess that’s what happens when they finally get a device that isn’t a year behind GSM devices.

It’s also interesting that Jim mentioned the Pearl – it’s still drawing in new subscribers at a successful clip. I wonder what will happen this fall with Pearl 2. Aah, liveblogging: the hype only grows.

5:08 – We just got our first John Mayer mention. For the folks at home, this might be a great drinking game.

5:09 – Jim’s running through a bunch of lovey-dovey quotes about the BlackBerry Curve. A little silly, but they have to push the device so they can announce even better results for Q2. Also, the Curve deserves the love. Best BB Ever.

5:11 – India: big Pearl performance and strong 8800 enterprise growth. They also just got the Curve as well – it will be interesting to see how this emergent market will feel about the device.

5:12 – RIM’s added 20 new carrier partners worldwide in the past quarter, bringing their tally to nigh-300. Interesting, BIS users account for 25% of their subscribers. I wonder how many are singular users, or small companies that don’t want to shell out for the BES.

5:15 – 650 alliance members. Big props to our friends at Impatica, Chalk and Voice on the Go who were mentioned by the Jim Dog. What, no Idokorro mention though?

5:16 – Hey five new carriers adopted BlackBerry Connect. It’s not quite dead!

5:17 – Jim’s predicting that the growth seen in the first half of 2007 will continue into the second half of the year. With WiFi devices and a new Pearl dropping, I’d believe him.

5:19 – Hilarious: you can hear ‘BlackBerry Buzz’ interference over the conference call. Don’t RIM execs know how to manage their connections?

5:23 – The call has now switched over to Edel, who’s going to talk about Q2. They expect revenue to jump to about 1.3-1.65 billion, and device shipping to jump to about 3 million BBs. Software revenue is expected to jump nominally.

5:24 – RIM is expecting a lower seasonality to their device shipping and sales, based mostly upon wo