BlackBerry 8330 might not have GPS

The Jibinator has some tasty new info on an upcoming BlackBerry 8330 model. The biggest surprise is that we won’t be seeing GPS right away on this future Curve variant, but rather a World Edition treatment on the 8300. Such a dual-mode GSM/CDMA Curve would eventually work its way to Verizon, Sprint and Telus. Based on his tip, Jibi’s put together a handy mock-up of BlackBerry model conventions.

81xx: SureType consumer device; camera-enabled
83xx: QWERTY consumer device; camera-enabled
88xx: QWERTY business device; no camera, GPS-enabled
xx00: GSM device
xx10: GSM device; step-sibling upgrade of xx00 (Pearl and Curve only)
xx20: GSM+Wi-Fi device
xx30: CDMA/EVDO+GSM device

What I’d like to know is where (or if) GPS fits into that scheme.

2 Responses to “BlackBerry 8330 might not have GPS”

  1. 1 DGiroux

    The problem with most RIM devices is not the fact that there is or is not wifi its that RIM is so new at most of the technology they are packing into these smaller BlackBerries and so when you see a device roll out with one feature but not another (ie: wifi but no GPS) its more of a lack of experience on RIM’s part. I applaud their efforts though in this recent turn in marketing, and focusing more and more on the prosumer and not the business only crowd. I have been working in Cellular for quite awhile now and RIM has created such a buzz with their devices that i find more and more people seeing their appeal.

    So I say hey, one mans garbage is another mans treasure. Some individuals do not need GPS, and WIFI and some do.

    Nice to know though that RIM is taking chances and finding their place in the ever changing cell game.

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