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RIM’s Q1 results are in, now at 9 million total subscribers


Bags of MoneyExtra! Extra! Here are RIM’s first quarter results for the past three months ending June 2, 2007.

Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2008 was $1.082 billion, up 16.3% from $930.4 million in the previous quarter and up 76.5% from $613.1 million in the same quarter of last year. The revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 76% for devices, 16% for service, 5% for software and 3% for other revenue.

Extremely solid revenue numbers, but what may be more impressive is their device numbers. During the quarter, RIM shipped approximately 2.4 million devices. The total number of BlackBerry subscribers increased by approximately 1.2 million in Q1 to over 9 million total subscribers. Way to go RIM!

Check out the rest of RIM’s financial results after the jump

iPhone Video Roundup: Touchscreen and RIM’s reaction


Apple iPhoneWith every single piece of news on the Internet focused on the iPhone’s nascent release, it’s been hard to skim the cream from the crap. Luckily, we’re here to do that for you — in handy dandy video form! Here’s two interesting videos we’ve found relating to the iPhone.

Click here to see a video demonstration of texting on the iPhone. While there’s too much talk about the magical elves that make the iPhone work, the end is the money shot: call us crazy, but it seems like the iPhone user is texting almost as fast as any BlackBerry hack. Hmmm.

Click here to see some fairly decent analysis on the affect of the impending iPhone launch upon major hardware manufacturers. Cliff notes version? RIM: not much. Palm: uh oh.

High turnover in emerging wireless markets


TurnoverWhile we might be looking to emerging markets in China, India and Africa as the reason why so many people are packing mobiles these days, the market may not be as much of a wireless promised land as they had been made out to be. Strategy Analytics has reported today that the global subscriber churn rate has risen for the ninth quarter in a row to 2.5% in Q1 2007. North America and Europe are pretty stable on this front, but Reliance disconnected 6 million customers last quarter, and Malaysian carriers had to disconnect about 20% of their subscribers in an effort to register all accounts. The big reason for such drastic measures is the prepaid nature of mobile business in these markets.

David Kerr, Vice President, Global Wireless Practice, adds, “The increase in churn highlights the challenge of managing subscriber growth in many prepaid-centric emerging markets. In these markets, where new connections involve simply placing a new SIM card into one’s existing handset, competitive activity is having an increasingly detrimental impact on subscriber behavior and churn levels.”

As much as we might moan about being locked into plans for years on end, it certainly makes for a more stable industry.

VoIP client expands BlackBerry compatability


EQOEQO’s been packing BlackBerry support since October, but they’ve recently announced expanded service for newer models, including the Curve. Although EQO used to piggyback on Skype, they’ll have grown into a fully-independent client as of July 31st. They’re only covering North America and Europe for now, so the internationality these guys are harping on is just a wee bit limited. In any case, more options for cheap over-the-pond calling is nothing to sneeze at.

Viigo partners with blog network


VirtualReachVirtual Reach, the fine folks who bring you BlackBerry Cool To Go have partnered up with with b5media, who are now pushing their wide selection of blogs through Viigo. We at BBCool are loathe to think you exceptional readers so much as glance in the direction of other blogs, but we must be prudent and accept the possibility, however slight. Just checked out my Viigo client, and you can find the newly-added b5media Channels under the Blogs category.

Sprint jumps the gun, announces BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition)


Sprint BlackBerry 8830 World EditionBoy Genius tells us that the hoi polloi won’t get it until July 15th, and Sprint even mentions in their press release that their customers won’t see it in stores until next month, but that won’t stop our favorite yellow carrier from announcing their version of the BlackBerry 8830 to the world. Perhaps Telus’ release prompted them to keep up with the Gekkos, as it were?

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect to Sprint’s offering is the fact that their BlackBerry 8830 will come SIM card unlocked, meaning Sprint customers actually have the choice of using local GSM providers during international travels rather than Sprint’s international roaming service plan. This is not something that fellow US competitor Verizon offers – can you say throwdown? Regardless, Sprint’s 8830 sounds like a true World Edition BlackBerry to us.

So far the only pricing deets we have are $199.99 USD with a two year plan and $200 worth of rebates. Go here for more info.