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RIM, Palm to release financial results today


Research in Motion logoBecause we like to look out for you, we thought we’d remind you that both RIM and Palm are announcing their Q1 financial results today. No word yet on what time Palm’s releasing their deets, but RIM will be dropping theirs after the bell, with an investor conference call to follow at 5pm EST. To participate, simply dial 416-640-1907 or enjoy it web-style by logging into For those who think they might miss it, worry not, a replay of the conference call will also be available at approximately 7 pm by dialing 416-640-1917 and entering passcode 21221686#.

We’re excited to hear how all of RIM’s new devices are selling, but until then, how about some speculation? Let us know how well you think RIM’s doing financially by posting a comment. We’ll also have full coverage of the results later today.

Telus launches BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition)


Telus BlackBerry 8830They might have backed out of their end-run bid to become the biggest telecom in Canada, but don’t think for a minute that Telus has stopped throwing punches. Following hot on the heels of Bell’s announcement, the carrier that loves to use endearing exotic animals to sell us smartphones announced today the launch of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition.

For those who didn’t know, the 8830 is RIM’s sleek EVDO/GSM monster that’s been kicking up a storm in the enterprise world (and allows long-suffering CDMA BlackBerry fanatics feel less depressed). Although there seems to be nothing new hardware-wise for the Telus version, we do have some interesting price info. Telus is matching Bell’s $300 on a three year term offer, but upping the ante somewhat by offering a staggering 50% off international data roaming charges for the length of your contract if you activate a BlackBerry 8830 before September 30. The gloves, I think, are officially off.

The site still says ‘coming soon’, but I’d expect you’d want to head here for more details.

MP3 ringtones finally come to BlackBerry


BplayBplay’s recently announced the release of a wooping 15,000+ MP3 ringtones for sale. BlackBerry’s a little behind in the consumer game, where MP3 ringtones have been around for a good long time already on most other mobiles, and not so much on our slightly more conservative handhelds. With the likes of the Curve and Pearl sexifying the BlackBerry scene with polyphonic ringtone support, it’s high time someone started taking advantage of it. Of course Bplay’s got the usual games and whatnot – I’ve been hitting Brain Up a fair bit lately, myself.

BlackBerry 8300 hits tropical paradise


JamaicaDigicel’s unleased the BlackBerry Curve upon the Carribean, starting with Bermuda. Digicel’s got a strong hold on the Central American and Carribean markets, and has been doing very well with BlackBerry since they began two years ago.

Stock info on your BlackBerry, brokers rejoice


Stock brokerWith a little help from StockHouse, Reuters has integrated live, streaming stock market information through their Connect-Station client on BlackBerry. The software features a configurable Watchlist, scrolling headlines, full news stories, and a few other handy features which would prove useful to the modern BlackBerryin’ stockbroker. Talk to Reuters about pricing, but StockStream for PC goes for around $9.95/month, so you can expect something in that range.

EXCLUSIVE: The Next BlackBerry Browser


New BlackBerry BrowserWhooboy, here’s a summertime surprise for ya. An “anonymous BBCool fanatic” (finally, no silly nom de guerre) sent this to us last night and man does it get the BlackBerry fanatic in us pumped. Web browsing on the BlackBerry is almost universally derided by smartphone users (and mostly with good cause) — anything RIM can do to improve what some would say is the second most important feature of their devices is a big step.

From what we’ve been told, the most important feature enhancement is “tabbed” browsing support. There is also a new browser “home screen” that sports a listed history (with favicon.ico support, no less) and “search provider” functionality, courtesy of Google, Yahoo,,, and Wikipedia. Although we won’t be getting our dirty mitts on the new browser until the fall (hmm, just in time for a new BlackBerry launch), this might just make Opera obsolete for BlackBerry users.

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