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SimulSays Beta available for free download


SimulSaysVisual voicemail tycoons, SimulSays, has opened up SimulSays Beta for free download on your BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 8300 and Windows Mobile handhelds. While this software is helpful for integrating voicemail with other BlackBerry services (e-mail, SMS and phone), the real product is in SimulScribe, which transcribes voicemail into text, opening up a whole slew of new functions. It’s a good product model they’ve got going here – try this for free, and if it’s doing good things for you, we’ve got a premium service available too.

Half the world is on a mobile


HemisphereIf that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. The Mobile World has just run a report claiming there will be 3.25 billion mobile users before the end of the year, pushing it over the 50% penetration mark. The Mobile World’s Senior Analyst John Tysoe puts this number into startling perspective.

“The mobile telecommunications industry continues to set new records, driven by huge demand, especially in India, China and Africa. And the growth rate is still accelerating. It took over 20 years to connect the first billion subscribers, but only 40 months to connect the second billion. The three billion milestone will be passed in July 2007, just two years on. By the end of the year, the global mobile base will exceed 3.25bn connections, or over half the world’s population. With handsets and services becoming ever more affordable, the prospect of a fully connected mobile world is becoming ever more real.”

Convergence report says wireless standards don’t compete


KumbayaWTRS has issued a report that goes over the big players in converged mobile devices.

1) In spite of the plethora of emerging wireless standards, each has its own niche of dominance without much overlap or competition between them.
2) WiMAX has found a solid niche in the backhaul network.
3) HSPA is making strong progress in handsets and represents a highly competitive service offering for carriers.
4) Bluetooth has expanded the functionality of a handset with the incorporation of WiBree into the SIG. Products based on WiBree will almost certainly enter the market this year.
5) DLNA, with its convergence strategy, has developed a mechanism for providing interoperable consumer electronics and mobile communications devices using only existing networking standards. As a result DLNA compliance affords devices added functionality not available previously.

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ThoughtPiece: Touchscreen vs. Keyboard: Which is Better?


iPhone KeypadWith the “iMminent” release of that little device from Apple, the debate has already begun as to which is preferable: a touchscreen with a virtual keyboard or a true keyboard. To me the question misses the main point, which is to ask yourself why you have a mobile smart phone in the first place. It isn’t that one is “better” than another; it is that each interface has its advantages depending on your intended purpose.

For those who need to type a lot of text, the true keyboard is most likely the superior choice. (I say “most likely” in that I have not yet tested the virtual keypad on the iPhone, and so cannot definitively give an opinion as to which I find easier to use.) So if you are like most BlackBerry users the mechanical keyboard will make the most sense.
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BlackBerry 8830 released on Bell Mobility


World Edition After being up on their site for about two weeks, Bell’s ready to bring out the BlackBerry 8830. After talking with a Bell rep for a bit, they’re offering 3 months of free unlimited data on EVDO rev. A, which is pretty sweet. The device is $299.95 on a three-year contract.

Antsy investors still want Vodafone to ditch Verizon



Sack-o-cashThe Vodafone shareholder group Efficient Capital Structures continued to hound the company to drop its 45% share of Verizon Wireless at a shareholder’s meeting today. Vodafone’s apparently been sinking money into the venture, resulting in fewer dividends to investors, and Verizon’s been issuing none whatsoever while dealing with debt.

“Verizon Wireless has been a cash drain for Vodafone, a situation forecast to continue for another eight years unless agreement is reached with Verizon Communications,” said ECS in a statement. … ECS also rejected claims by Vodafone that there would be tax implications if the Verizon Wireless holding was spun-off.