Updated: Pearl 2 rumored to release Q4, will have many siblings

Update! Gizmodo’s reporting that the Pearl 2 will be packing high-speed EV-DO Rev. A and be skinny to RAZR-like proportions. In addition their sources are saying we’re looking at a Q4 2007 release on Sprint.

Our buddy Jibi posted some Pearl 2 speculations on BGR over the weekend, stemming from some domain sleuthing akin to the Curve situation. Model numbers 8110, 8120, and 8130 are all on the plate. Jibi’s guessing that the 8110 will be a Pearl with an upgraded camera but no Wi-Fi, and the 8130 will be a Wi-Fi Pearl plus CDMA world phone action. As for the 8120, we’re looking at UMA (which is supposed to be called GAN, apparently), released with OS 4.3.0 and timed with T-Mobile’s other Wi-Fi handoff devices. All sounds like some pretty reasonable predictions - only time will tell if they hold.

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  1. 1 mobilityguy

    Open for Discussion:
    I’d argue the 8120 will be the device with Wifi, as we’re seeing 8320 and 8820 rumored to have WiFi

    Sometimes the numbers lineup, but not always logically, as we’ve seen in the past

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