Sprint jumps the gun, announces BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition)

Boy Genius tells us that the hoi polloi won’t get it until July 15th, and Sprint even mentions in their press release that their customers won’t see it in stores until next month, but that won’t stop our favorite yellow carrier from announcing their version of the BlackBerry 8830 to the world. Perhaps Telus’ release prompted them to keep up with the Gekkos, as it were?

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect to Sprint’s offering is the fact that their BlackBerry 8830 will come SIM card unlocked, meaning Sprint customers actually have the choice of using local GSM providers during international travels rather than Sprint’s international roaming service plan. This is not something that fellow US competitor Verizon offers - can you say throwdown? Regardless, Sprint’s 8830 sounds like a true World Edition BlackBerry to us.

So far the only pricing deets we have are $199.99 USD with a two year plan and $200 worth of rebates. Go here for more info.

6 Responses to “Sprint jumps the gun, announces BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition)”

  1. 1 alex

    they announced this in april… check the date on the press release.. 4/25/07.

  2. 2 Blackberry Cool


    They did make an announcement in April that they were getting the device. This is an announcemnt of release and — most importantly in my mind — the SIM-lock free aspect of their 8830.

    Kind of funny to have two announcements, but hey. =D

  3. 3 D

    8830 from Bell Mobility are also SIM unlocked for international use with local carriers

  4. 4 AA

    Hey does anyone know if 8830 has GPS on it?

  5. 5 Mark

    Can i use my sim card from my blackberry pearl and put in a new 8830 unlocked i am buying. will it work just fine like new equipment but with different carrier?

  6. 6 saun

    can i have unlock code for my sprint blackberry world edition 8800 so that i can make use of here in Nigeria

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