Welcome Back!! We’ve always been here.

For the readers who’ve been checking the site daily, and loving our content (we hope), ignore this post. However, for a certain subset of readers who think that today is the first day we’ve updated the site since June 19th, we’d like to apologize. As fans of the site know, over the past few months, we’ve been dealing with severe server issues. On June 19th, we brought Ole Faithful out back, “retired” it, and switched over to paid hosting via Dreamhost. However, because of some faulty DNS settings during the switch, some of our readers were stuck hitting the old site, wondering what had happened to BlackBerry Cool. Everything’s been fixed now, but we wanted to take the time to welcome our exiled readers back — we promise, it’ll never happen again.

Mad love goes out to our boy, Clewly, who tipped us of to the whole situation.

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