ThoughtPiece: BlackBerry and nationalism

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To my friends in Canada, July 1 was their national holiday, marking the establishment of Canada as its own autonomous country. Likewise, July 4 is the celebration of America’s independence. In that spirit, I’d like to reflect on the BlackBerry device and its place as a symbol for both countries.

It’s obvious why the BlackBerry is a proud symbol of Canada: it is created by a Canadian company, and a company that is doing quite well at that. RIM’s rise to success is a remarkable story, and one reflecting great ingenuity and business acumen. The whole world owes a debt of gratitude to this fine Canadian company and its products.

While the BlackBerry is a Canadian product, we over here in the U.S. reserve the right to adopt it as our own. The BlackBerry has become a symbol of the business world, and what bigger symbol of capitalism than America? The BlackBerry represents the desire to be more productive and efficient, and Americans certainly cannot resist that. It’s no wonder that America is the largest market for the BlackBerry. So in this week of honoring the idea of independence, one tradition for both Canada and the US to celebrate is our shared love of technology. Indeed, what makes technology so powerful is its capacity to liberate us. Happy Independence Day to both the US and Canada!

  • bradley
    cheers...... eh!
  • TMoore
    I'm a blackberry lover/user and a Canadian (from T.O.) living as a permanent resident for past 6.5 years in Vegas.

    I love Canada and I love my adopted city and country and it's great to always say I am "going home" anytime I travel.

    There are no two better countries on this earth. I'm proud the Blackberry is from Canada and I wouldn't use anything else in my own business because it really is the best thing going!

    Happy 1st and Happy 4th and "God Bless the Blackberry" who should have dual citizenship:)
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