Analysts predict wireless debit to make it big


NFCMaybe you’ve heard of near-field communication, or NFC? It’s a technology that’s been in development for awhile that, once the hardware’s been integrated into a mobile device, you just bring two within a few centimeters of one another and you’ve made a connection. This could make for quick Wi-Fi or Bluetooth pairings, but the biggest selling point for NFC has been for monetary transactions, and Juniper Research thinks that $22 billion will have passed through NFC-based transactions like European mPayments by 2009. It’s still a ways off from making a big splash on North American shores, but it’s a cool possibility. Who here would feel comfortable with their BlackBerry doubling as their credit card? I think if there was adequate support both by handheld manufacturers as well as commercial venues, NFC could become very popular very quickly.