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Golf ClubsFor any hardcore, BlackBerry-totin’ golfers out there, you might want to look into IntelliGolf’s recently-released Eagle Edition for BlackBerry. BlackBerrys and golf both rate pretty high on the fancy-pants-o-meter, so it’s high time they start working together. IntelliGolf can help you keep score, measure distances, track stats and wagers, and a whole bunch of other functions that are handy on the fairway. The software supports the BlackBerry 7100-series, 7700-series, 8100-series, 8300-series, 8700-series, and 8800-series. Features include:

* Scoring
* Shot tracking
* Satellite GPS
* Sidegame wagers (35+)
* Statistics and graphs (250+)
* Signature courses (23,000+), and
* Sharing of information between handhelds.

It’s $59.95 for the software, which is probably peanuts compared to your golf club membership dues.

  • Dennis

    will this work on a blackberry storm touchscreen

  • Paul Gardner

    Great supporting software for the Blackberry.

  • Phone jammer

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  • Cliff Stephenson

    The most significant thing to be dealt while playing golf is, among other things, the players spacing from the hole, green, and water hazards. For golf players out there, if you are interested in bettering your play, continue reading this piece of writing and learn more about the latest golf GPS units.

  • Golf Gps Units

    Golf GPS Units are about more than recognizing distances. Depending on the model used, some will offer an overview map of each hole, which allows you to preview probable trouble spots that you otherwise might only have known about after playing the hole and having found out them the hard way. Knowing this info gives you the ability to opt for your tactic before you tee off. Some golf GPS units even include satellite imagery of every hole. So, along with supplying accurate distances, good GPS devices can help you with strategy and course management

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