RIM keeping operation centres in Canada


Norm LoNorm Lo’s been pretty good about telling us what’s not going to happen with BlackBerrys, so leave it to the Pacific VP to tell us that RIM has no plans to move operation centres outside of Canada into countries where its services are in higher demand. “Things are working really well right now. Having things centralized really improves the efficiency of the network,” says Lo. He admits to the possibility of a new network centre in the future, but nothing is on the radar yet. Keep in mind this is coming from the Pacific, where huge growth is happening in China, Japan, and elsewhere in the area. RIM could just be playing their usual coy, tight-lipped game, and just drop an Asian centre by the end of the year just for the sake of surprising us, but there’s something to be said for keeping all of those skills and hardware in the same neighborhood. What do you think? Is it in RIM’s best interest to stay efficiently centralized, or could expanded local support anchor their presence elsewhere?