Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit v4.2.2 released

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Listen up devs and artists, there’s a little upgrade to the Plazmic CDK out, and word has it that developing BlackBerry 8800 and BlackBerry 8300 themes is now supported. There are some functionality changes behind the jump, and a few known issues they’re still working on. Rumor has it v4.3’s coming sometime this September, which will be packing some pretty huge changes. Keep an eye out.

The Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit for BlackBerry Version 4.2.2 requires that you have the BlackBerry Java
Development Environment (JDE) Version 4.2 or later, as well the BlackBerry Email and MDS Service Simulator Package installed on your computer.
Note: You must install the full BlackBerry JDE. Installing the BlackBerry JDE Component Package will not satisfy the software requirements.
If the installer does not detect a valid version of the BlackBerry JDE, it will not install the CDK.

Plazmic Theme Builder
Improvements have been made to the Plazmic Theme Builder to enable you to create themes for a wider range of devices and multiple versions of the BlackBerry Device Software. Some key improvements include:
•the availability of the Dimension Today theme as a base theme that you can customize
•the ability to customize which applications are listed on the Home screen of Dimension Zen and Dimension Today themes
•a new Applications Icons inspector, which contains the functionality used to customize the Application list hierarchy that was previously found in the Home Screen Inspector
•the ability to replace all application icons at once
•loads Plazmic Theme Builder projects from previous releases
•support for BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.2.0 and later.
•support for Microsoft Windows Vista

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