The Motley Fool calls out Motorola

Court JesterYou know it’s hard times for a company when someone wearing a three-pronged hat with bells on it calls you out. But considering the bad luck Motorola has been having recently, maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised. Pointing to Moto’s financial downturn in the face of across the board industry success and the iPhone’s drive to make smartphones cool for everyone, the analysts at the Fool wonder why a company with such a hugely successful product like the RAZR can’t make enough money.

Here’s a potential answer: Motorola’s product line is stagnant. The RAZR’s selling point (which is now 3 years old, mind you) was that it was sleek, exclusive, and cool. When the device went from haute couture to mass market in 2005 and even your grandma was sporting a pink V3, the RAZR lost that cachet with trend setters. Future iterations have failed to hit the magical trifecta of the original, and most seem to be slightly revised models of a device that everyone already owns (which they are). Hey, Motorola: there’s a reason why a $500 device made by a computer company gets dubbed the “Jesus Phone” and receives national news coverage during its release. Hit us with something new already, please. And no, we don’t mean the Q9h.

3 Responses to “The Motley Fool calls out Motorola”

  1. 1 Eshwar S

    I think the problem with Motorola is with their software. Their phones have the least features and few that stand out. Nokia, RIM and Apple have far better software. Motorola is heavily dependent on Microsoft WinMobile for their smartphones. Problem is there isn’t anything that makes it standout from HTC devices. So they are face pricing pressures.

    If Motorola needs to be back on track they need to develop their OS or pick up an existing OS like embedded linux and start developing applications for them or perhaps license WinMobile and customize it. They also need to innovate on User Input technologies. Blackberry is famous for scroll-wheel / roll-ball and Apple with touch UI. Motorola needs to develop something that stands out.

  2. 2 20

    @ Eshwar S,

    I think you’re right. I used lots of moto’s and find that I’m bored of the same old lame ui. They need to revamp it and remodel.

    And as for the V3, I was fed up with that when it first came out. The same as I was/am with the iphone. Both phones were and are nothing new, and have no features that othe