AT&T and the BlackBerry 8820: July or August?

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BlackBerry 8820Poor Boy Genius. The guy has so many sources on the inside that sometimes their “hot tips” conflict with each other. Take the impending release of the BlackBerry 8820 (mmm, sweet Wi-Fi goodness) on AT&T, for instance. One BG devotee claims that AT&T will be launching the 8820 as early as this week, for $299 on a 2 year plan. The launch will coincide with a “phase out” of the already passé BlackBerry 8800. Others, citing “internal AT&T training documents”, are claiming that AT&T will have exclusivity on the BlackBerry 8820 (sorry, T-Mobile), but not until August.

With RIM’s official press release failing to offer a firm date, it’s no wonder there’s so much confusion. For our money, it’s most likely that AT&T is soft-launching the BlackBerry 8820 this week for enterprise customers (a common carrier tactic), with a full consumer rollout to hit in August. Only time will tell, however. Keep your ear to the ground, BG, but do your best to filter out the noise.

  • Beatriz
    I enjoyed reading this, refreshing content :).
  • BG:

    I'm just saying that it must be tough for you sometimes dealing with all the intel that comes your way. =D


    Our point was that it's probably not an either/or, but two informants from each side telling what they know. We like to take a nuanced viewpoint here at the 'Cool. =D
  • Christopher Cox
    LOL You just said there was a conflict because one of hist contacts thinks July, and the other thinks August. And you point it out like he is getting bad information, YET you also say it is highly likely that it will be released July for corporate customers, and August for consumers?

    At this point dont you think its a matter of semantics here, where one thinks the term release means first day of release INCLUDING corporate customers, and the other things release means first day of release to consumers?

    Going by what YOU just said, that it is likely it will be released July for corporate and August for consumers. Wouldn't it make BOTH of them right, and BOTH good sources of information?

    Personally I think RELEASE means out in the wild .. weather it is for corporate customers or not.
  • Boy Genius
    Is it me, or did you just agree with both points I posted on my site? Look guys, first comment in weeks here! :)
  • Matt
    I'd rather hear more definitive info on the 8320 for tmo - since I will be really looking forward to using it on their @home service.
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