SMS turns 15 today


Birthday cakeAs BlackBerry users, the BBCool staff is all about mobile email. However, we often need to communicate with non-BlackBerry users (tiresome, we know), so SMS has also long held a place in our hearts — apparently, for 15 years.

That’s right, today is the 15th birthday of the Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), the principal application behind the text messaging madness we all know and love. First brought to market by Acision in 1992, SMSC version 1.0 had a capacity of merely 10 messages per second; nowadays, SMSC can handle 32x the capacity.

It’s crazy to think that text messaging has become so prevalent in our lives, considering that during the time, carriers didn’t think their customers would want to type something rather than say it. So happy birthday, SMS: one day soon you’ll be replaced by telepathic communication (rumored to be in the iPhone 2), but we’ll always remember you.