Comcel deploys Babelfish-like translation tool for BlackBerry


Babel FishIf it came down to choosing between a BlackBerry-based translation solution and shoving a live fish into my ear, I’d probably choose the former. Thankfully, Comcel, Colombia’s largest carrier, has deployed a solution from US text translation company RantNetwork that allows BlackBerry users to translate both text and images (i.e., the solution works with text from both documents and photos taken by the user) into 20 different languages.

RantNetwork is marketing the tool as a way for people to reduce the barriers foreign language present in their business and personal relationships. Here’s what CEO William Grandizio had to say:

“We have been working for years on mobile applications that will change the way the mobile community approaches situations involving foreign languages.”

If you’re interested in the BlackBerry solution, head here. If you’re interested in the “fish thing”, go here.