Did Apple bamboozle AT&T?


Bags of Money!We all know that RIM co-CEO, Jim Balsillie thinks AT&T’s strategy with the iPhone is “dangerous”, and we’ve all had a chance to share our piece on the matter. However, recent reports coming from those ever trustworthy financial insiders might open the debate wide open all over again.

Word on TheStreet is that AT&T is paying Apple a bounty of between $150 and $200 per phone — plus $9 a month per phone over the life of the typical two-year customer contract. This is basically an insane amount of money, considering that over a two year period, AT&T is paying Apple the price of an iPhone to have the rights to sell said iPhone for five years exclusively.

While these numbers haven’t been confirmed by either company (and never will be), if the market believes them to be accurate, expect Apple’s stock to reach the stratosphere. While some analysts are stating that this is still a good deal for AT&T, the reality is that Apple’s shrewd negotiating has allowed the iPhone to make them stacks and stacks of money.