CyberShift releases Necho Expense for BlackBerry

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CyberShift, a global workforce and expense management solutions provider, announced yesterday the commercial release of Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition. The solution allows Necho Expense users to conveniently manage their expenses directly from their BlackBerry device, reducing paperwork, improving data and reporting accuracy, and facilitating faster expense processing.

“The inherent nature of users of Necho Expense is that they are business travelers and otherwise mobile workers,” said Craig Fearon, senior product director at CyberShift. “With Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition, CyberShift is bringing the Necho Expense application to the business traveler and mobile worker, rather than waiting for them to get access to a web browser and their expense reporting application.”

For more info on how to obtain Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition, head to:

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