How not to do a device comparison review


It’s tough being a blogger sometimes. You love your topic of choice, but sometimes have to scrape for content. Maybe you have a great idea for a story, but you don’t have the resources to get it done. Such is the case with AppleInsider’s BlackBerry 8703e vs. iPhone review.

Yeah, that’s right: I said the BlackBerry 8703e. While some might think that any comparison review between a BlackBerry and an iPhone is unfair because they cater to two completely different markets, surely all can agree that pitting the Jesus Phone (Wi-Fi, GSM, AT&T, consumer focus) against almost a two year old, CDMA, enterprise device carried only by Verizon and Sprint. Granted, AppleInsider is using the 8703e mostly as a foil to talk about the iPhone, but they could have at least used the BlackBerry 8830, which is the most recent CDMA BlackBerry available.

If you want a much better head to head review, check out this one by TechCrunch, which rates the iPhone against the much newer (and more relevant) BlackBerry 8800. While we would have prefered a Curve vs. iPhone review (or perhaps even a newfangled BlackBerry 8820), it still gets the job done.

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