BlackBerry tethering software for Mac on the way

AppleBGR has let us in on some upcoming BlackBerry dial-up tethering software for your Mac by the name of iMobimac Modem. No word on pricing or device compatibility yet, but after sharing an office with a Mac/BlackBerry user, I can tell you that they could use a few bones thrown their way. In fact, maybe you recall Alex King’s bounty for such a service, which was won by Pulse awhile back. I guess we’ll see how the two services stack up against one another. We’re looking at an August 1st. release date for iMobimac Modem, for any of you Apple hipsters trying to get your tether on.

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  1. 1 Curtis Lemanksy

    I will check in here for a second and give what I have found using this, without releasing too much information as I am under a non-disclosure contract with them.
    I have personally tested this and it actually does work, very well in fact.
    I was able to test it successfully on a 7520 Nextel and a Verizon 8830 World Edition.
    Working on a BES it actually moved a lot faster than what it did when I was running it on a BIS, but it still worked very well on a BIS as well.
    I will say also, and I hope I don’t get too busted for this, but I do know there is a solution in the works for a MacApp loader for the BB’s also…So we may be seeing a lot of this company to come in the future!

  2. 2 Grant

    I’m confused. Why should BIS vs. BES have any effect at all on your data rates? When tethering, your data is routed from your phone to the internet via your mobile provider’s network; the server you’re syncing with shouldn’t have any effect whatsoever.

    Also, why would you need additional software to tether an 8830? It has the standard Bluetooth DUN profile built in. OS X recognizes the phone as capable of tethering without any additional software at all.

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