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How not to do a device comparison review


Apples and OrangesIt’s tough being a blogger sometimes. You love your topic of choice, but sometimes have to scrape for content. Maybe you have a great idea for a story, but you don’t have the resources to get it done. Such is the case with AppleInsider’s BlackBerry 8703e vs. iPhone review.

Yeah, that’s right: I said the BlackBerry 8703e. While some might think that any comparison review between a BlackBerry and an iPhone is unfair because they cater to two completely different markets, surely all can agree that pitting the Jesus Phone (Wi-Fi, GSM, AT&T, consumer focus) against almost a two year old, CDMA, enterprise device carried only by Verizon and Sprint. Granted, AppleInsider is using the 8703e mostly as a foil to talk about the iPhone, but they could have at least used the BlackBerry 8830, which is the most recent CDMA BlackBerry available.

If you want a much better head to head review, check out this one by TechCrunch, which rates the iPhone against the much newer (and more relevant) BlackBerry 8800. While we would have prefered a Curve vs. iPhone review (or perhaps even a newfangled BlackBerry 8820), it still gets the job done.

T-Mobile Austria teams up with Telenav for the BlackBerry 8800


T-Mobile LogoWe’re GPS freaks here at BlackBerry Cool, so any time we can welcome more to the fold, we do so gladly. T-Mobile Austria announced yesterday that they’re now offering the famed Telenav GPS navigation solution for their BlackBerry 8800 customers. BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry 7130 and BlackBerry 8700 users can also use the service with the help of a GPS puck.

T-Mobile is offering a free 30 day trial of the Telenav solution to get their subscribers hooked, and then charging €8 per month after that. Sounds like the perfect solution to make sure you don’t get lost while backpacking the Alps on a European vacation. Go here for more info.

Weekly Contest: Why is the market undervaluing RIM?


(With Thought asking the best question of the week already in his editorial, it seemed best to make this the Weekly Contest. Whomever posts the best comment will receive 3 free games (!) from Bplay. LAST WEEK’S WINNER was JEF, who thinks Wi-Fi could be a win-win for everybody. ed.)

Research In MotionInteresting report coming from financial analysts the Motley Fool today. It seems that the Fool’s investor community has given a 1-star CAP rating to the boys and girls at RIM. This is despite the fact that RIMM is currently being traded at 222 USD, well above their 3-month high, and recently posted a ‘knock one out of the park’ quarter.

Most of the Fool’s concern seems to be based around the iPhone and other devices encroaching upon BlackBerry market share. I think these are completely valid concerns. However, for a company that has continuously met or beaten expectations, aren’t we shortchanging RIM a bit here? It’s possible that RIM’s stock is overvalued, and it’s true that no company can be bullish forever, but have we seen any indication at all that RIM’s slipping? I don’t think so. Maybe this is what Jim Cramer meant when he talked about pushing down RIM’s reputation in order to make mad money.

Check out Fool analyst Matt Koppenheffer’s analysis after the jump, and post a comment to let us know if you think analysts are giving RIM a raw deal.

Listen to the Fool.

BlackBerry Etiquette: What not to put in an email


Frustrated EmailerAll BlackBerry users live and die with their email. But how can we know that the messages we’re sending project the proper image about us and are having their desired effect? Thankfully, the folks over at CIO have put together a great list of recommendations to make sure that you have a handle on your email. Here’s some of what they had to say about being concise on your BlackBerry:

People don’t want to write long messages on BlackBerrys — or read them. How can you deal with this fact of life? Booher’s first rule: “These messages are just as legal as anything else. If you give information that’s inaccurate or wrong, it’s just as likely to be used in court.”

Be particularly careful about identifying who you’re talking about and what question you are addressing in these brief missives, Booher suggests. “It’s extremely important to learn to be complete and clear while being concise. The skill of being able to summarize well is even more important on a BlackBerry.”

We’ve got CIO’s Top Ten list of things not to put in your email after to jump, but make sure you check out the full article as well – it’s a great read.

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Zagat offers 1,500 free Zagat to Go subscriptions for BlackBerry


Lady and the TrampHere’s something that just popped up on our radar that may be of interest to all you fine-dining fans out there. Effective today, Zagat is offering 1,500 365-day subscriptions to Zagat to Go for BlackBerry. Zagat to Go is a restaurant and entertainment guide for smartphones that gives users access to ratings and reviews of thousands of restaurants, nightspots and hotels throughout the world as well as the best US golf courses. Sounds way better than slumming it like our friends to the left (although possibly less romantic).

There are a few minor caveats before you can get on your way to the guide goodness, however. The subscriptions are first come, first serve, so get there fast. Also, the offer is not open to existing Zagat to Go subscribers, and there is a limit of one per person. To redeem your free subscription, head on over to:

and register. When you do, make sure you tell them that the ‘Cool sent you.

Taiwan Mobile introduces BlackBerry Connect service


GazelleWe don’t really know why we like making fun of BlackBerry Connect so much here at BBCool. Maybe it’s our blogger nature, forcing us to pounce, fierce and lion-like, on whichever wounded gazelle limps too far behind RIM’s otherwise svelte pack of great devices and strong stock price. That’s why it was disappointing to hear that the poor beast still has a bit of life left in her, coming by way of support from Taiwan’s second largest carrier, Taiwan Mobile.

Taiwan Mobile announced yesterday that it was rolling out BlackBerry Connect support for the Sony Ericsson P1i and Asustek M530W handsets, with BBC support for HTC devices possibly soon to follow. Taiwan Mobile started offering BlackBerry service to its customers in late 2006, and expects to have 10,000 BlackBerry subscribers by mid-2008.

So keep running, you steely-eyed gazelle. We’ll meet again in the tall grass of the Internet someday soon.