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Qualcomm CEO not willing to make nice with Broadcom


Talk to the hand!During a conference call yesterday discussing his company’s quarterly results, Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, said that the company has been unable to resolve its messy patent dispute with Broadcom because a deal would hurt its licensing business. Jacobs told investors that Broadcom wants its customers to be exempt from paying Qualcomm licensing fees for a large chunk of its intellectual property portfolio as part of a settlement, which Jacobs claimed was unacceptable.

Considering that Qualcomm has lost its last two court cases against Broadcom, this might simply be conference call posturing. However, things get trickier when Verizon’s recent deal with Broadcom is taken into account. Verizon is set to pay Broadcom a licensing fee, Verizon’s CEO said he would seek a way to receive compensation for the payments, which many have taken as an expectation that Qualcomm would end up footing the bill. Sounds crazy, but Verizon is Qualcomm’s largest carrier customer, and while no deal is in place, Qualcomm brass has already made overtures about supporting their “very important customer”.

In no way is this messy story over yet. Keep hitting BBCool and we’ll continue to fill you in with all the juicy details.

Wi-Fi phone sales expected to top $145 billion in 2010


CashmoneySeems like today is Wi-Fi day here at BlackBerry Cool. While Thought is asking BlackBerry users whether or not they need a Wi-Fi BlackBerry, Cellular-News is telling us that Wi-Fi phone sales are expected to take a big jump in the next few years.

Although worldwide Wi-Fi phone revenue actually fell 8% to $5 billion in the first quarter of 2007, those crazy cats at Infonetics Research are projecting Wi-Fi will post strong double-digit growth every year through 2010, eventually hitting the magic number of $145 billion. Infonetics offers a two-pronged reason for the uptake: enterprise users want to use Wi-Fi’s corporate LAN and IP PBX capabilities, while consumers want to make use of wifeless broadband and VoIP.

Check out some Wi-Fi statistics from the report after the jump, as well as some more general wireless industry metrics.

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ThoughtPiece: Do we really need Wi-Fi on a BlackBerry?


Wi-FiOh boy. Thought’s really looking to stir it up in his latest editorial. While many AT&T users are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the BlackBerry 8820 (Orange users, you can offer a smug smile right about now), our man Thought dares to ask the question: do we even need a Wi-Fi BlackBerry? This one is sure to create a lot of debate, so make sure to post a comment and let us know what you think.

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Jem Telecom releases Navigation Solutions bundle


Jem Telecom LogoWowee, do we have a bunch of European news today. Jem Telecom, a UK mobile data distributor of BlackBerry, announced today the launch of its Navigation Solution Bundle aimed at UK business employees who spend a significant amount of time out of the office. The bundle includes TeleNav‘s GPS Navigator, live traffic information from Traffic TV and journey planning tools from PlanaJourney. Here’s what Jason Theakston, CEO of Jem Telecom, had to say:

“Bundling applications improves ROI for our clients and delivers solutions that address the needs of different departments within their organisation.”

I agree with Jason. Getting things in bunches is always more fun: sacks of money, back-to-back sports titles, a barrel of monkeys… etc. Jem’s bundle is priced at £9.99 per month and is compatible with the BlackBerry Curve, Pear, and the BlackBerry 8800. You can go here for more info.

CyberShift releases Necho Expense for BlackBerry


Graph UpCyberShift, a global workforce and expense management solutions provider, announced yesterday the commercial release of Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition. The solution allows Necho Expense users to conveniently manage their expenses directly from their BlackBerry device, reducing paperwork, improving data and reporting accuracy, and facilitating faster expense processing.

“The inherent nature of users of Necho Expense is that they are business travelers and otherwise mobile workers,” said Craig Fearon, senior product director at CyberShift. “With Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition, CyberShift is bringing the Necho Expense application to the business traveler and mobile worker, rather than waiting for them to get access to a web browser and their expense reporting application.”

For more info on how to obtain Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition, head to:

Report: 3G BlackBerrys won’t hurt you


Doctor BlackBerryA quick sigh of relief can now go out to all the BlackBerry 8707 users in the world. A team of independent scientists at the UK’s University of Essex are reporting that symptoms such as anxiety, tension and tiredness, previously thought to be related to mobile devices, are not caused by the typical emissions from 3G phone masts.

Essex tested 44 people who had previously reported symptoms or sensitivity to mobile phone technology, and 114 people who had not reported any health effects, at a specially-designed laboratory. The three-year study found that physiological measures such as heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductance were not affected by whether the mast was switched on or off, and did not detect any significant effects in either sensitive or control participants between 3G UMTS exposure and no exposure.

Of course, the study didn’t test the effects of 3G EV-DO use (which we’ve heard causes consumption) or how 3G affects the ever dreaded CrackBerry syndrome, but still good news all around. There you have it RIM: you now have absolutely no excuse to not put a 3G GSM BlackBerry in the hands of North Americans by the end of the year.