Oodles of BlackBerry Rumors: Pearl 2 to AT&T by mid-September, 8310 was the Papa Bear


Leave it to Boy Genius to drop a little bit of BlackBerry rumor to hold us over on a lazy Friday in the dog days of summer. According to his “very friendly RIM informants”, and supporting what we’ve thought all along, the Comet BlackBerry Pearl 2 will be arriving by the second week of September in a variety of colours… to AT&T first. That’s right, T-Mobile just got punk’d (although they apparently will still be getting the Pearl 2 eventually). Here’s a question: what does this mean for the rumored CDMA Pearl 2 for Verizon?

BG was also able to confirm that the much rumored Papa Bear is in fact the BlackBerry 8310, which is disappointing news to those who were hoping that the big bear would have both GPS and Wi-Fi. According to BG’s sources, the reason for no Wi-Fi is the fact that RIM can’t cram both Wi-Fi and GPS into such a small case design. This kind of makes sense; the Pap Bear never had a device number attached to it like the other devices in the “Bear” family — one would assume it would have been called the 8330 if RIM had been able to get the job done.

Hey BG, did you leak this news because RIM didn’t send you the BlackBerry Summer Survival Kit? Revenge is a dish best served by Internet informants, I guess.

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  1. 1 JohnQ

    November 19th and still no Pearl 2 for GSM.?.

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