Trip down BlackBerry’s memory lane


BlackBerry 850The Utility Belt has put together a little slideshow of old RIM’s old products leading up to the present, many of which are well before my time. For those life-long users, there’s some nostalgia to be had in seeing some of the old boys again. Even for us young whippersnappers, it’s cool to see where the newest iterations evolved from. Kind of like unearthing fossils of neanderthals.

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  1. 1 MikeV

    I had one of those early pager-sized Blackberry devices… I was always amazed at how long it lasted running on a single AA battery. Now I have a 7520 on Nextel for work, and an 8830 on Sprint for personal use. A Blackberry user through the years… And I will continue to be. :-)

  2. 2 Jay

    I had the old pager style bberry as well… in fact 2… one for myself & partner at the time. I still have them both if anyone is intrested. Anyway… those units rocked. Nothing like hammering away on those little keyboards driving down the highway. Super reliable. Now I sport the Pearl, switched about 7 months ago from the Treo 650… it is like heaven to be back home again!

  3. 3 Dave

    I’ve gotta agree with Jay - those devices were awesome. That thing even had the first BlackBerry Browser on it!

    It was so far ahead of its time. I almost wish they’d bring back a device with the same form factor.

  4. 4 Eshwar S

    Wow nice blog post… It’s been almost 5 yrs since I saw the blackberry for the first time… yeah it wasn’t cute but it did its thing…

    Today is a different story… BlackBerry devices are not just for business users but for prosumers and consumers. Electron (8700) was the first BlackBerry that was visually appealing to me. Perl was revolutionary & Curve is also very good.

    With endless possibilities with GPS, IM, Mobile Browser, MDS Applications and of course email/calendar/notes, BlackBerry is more than just a device… It’s a platform & ecosystem and Blackberry will continue to dominate the enterprise space.

  5. 5 optimus

    hey, that 850 was my very first Berry, back in.. what, 99-00?

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